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Today I woke up

Today I woke up as a butterfly

Eager to feel my wings

Eager to fly away, high above the trees’ crowns

Today I woke missing the rain

The mirror the rain drops hold for me

The purification of the air it brings
and so of my deepest breaths

Today I woke as a butterfly

Wanting to know more about this web that is holding me

To ask my fate fellow, the spider

Are you a friend? Or an enemy?

Are you protecting me? Or holding me back?

Who are you?

Today my wings can be caught under this soft white blanket

Today I might be here and now

But who are the ones who could even guess

The heights I am reaching on the inside.

The strength of my wings

and the wideness of the landscapes
that I am feeding my soul with.

Today I am a butterfly.

And, for you, I might live only for a day.

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