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Meet The One that rules the world

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You could never see it coming. The theme of the day… Today!

Oh, but it is my biggest pleasure. To introduce you to this fine charming lady… that rules the world!

Here she goes. Just like this… youtu.be/iwbjvAMPdqs

Silk white dress, barefoot. Big bright smile. Long curly and unfolded hair. Touched by wind. Her steps are like petals of flowers, touching the ground. Yet everything is still around her. Everything is quiet. Everyone is listening to this happiness she sings. Hers lips are not moving. They just smile and smile. Like a painting spelled to smile forever. But her heart is so loud. Her heart sings such a happiness. That echoes far beyond this universe. She has melted all the distances in her love. She made all the world – and the other worlds – one single place. All she can feel. All she can witness. All she can imagine. Springs from that tiny space of her heart. Is born and dies when she blinks.

She is just so fragile. You can just grab her in your arms, hold her waist tight and break her against you. Hug the life out of her. Feeling her need for deep breaths. But could you resist her eyes? Could you? Has there ever been something to caress you so soft and deeply just looking at you? Has it? You don’t know if to dare to taste the ambrosia of her being or just give praises.

Could this symphony of all that she is, be alive? Be real? Be… right next to you? A fragile body and a diaphanous dress, and this all that she is? You could swear she is just coming down from the stairs of Heaven. Coming out of the sky’s palace.

Yet she is coming. Yet she is real. Barefoot. Smiling. Almost next to you. Just a few thousand sand grains between you and her.

Ruling your world. Ruling the entire world. Who is she? How and when was this world invented? Who dreamed of such a beautiful world? And who had so much strength to make it real?

And are these just words creating realities in my mind? Or is it really true?

Yet, she is in front of me. I forgot who I am. I am the one who is seeing. The one admiring. The one living. The one sharing. Isn’t this more than I could ever need? Could you ever want more than just taste with all your senses all this beauty, all this pleasure, all this happiness?

You met her. And she just rules the world. She has the world inside her. The keys of the creation are in her heart. You can feel it. There is nothing beside her.

And now her perfume has reached you. You can almost feel her delicate touch. What should, what could you do now?…


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