Bucuria are puțin de-a face cu circumstanțele vieții. Și mai degrabă cu acele lucruri pe care tu ALEGI să le pui în centrul vieții tale. Învață să faci alegeri mai bune. Abonează-te pentru inspirație, motivație și alte gânduri liniștitoare.

Hear my calling

Today I felt like I so miss my world. A world where there is tremendous kindness. Where people are giving and so heartfelt. Where smiles brighten everything. Where hugs are regular way to say Hello. Where you feel secure and vulnerable. A world of acceptance and understanding. A world of caresses. Of „welcome into my life”. And „thank you for what you are”. Of blessings. With a serenity sky. And gardens of childly joy. Everyone being concerned only of sharing their gift. Everything would be so prosperous! A world where you are preoccupied how to tighten the bond between you and another, and not how to cut it, how to diminish its impact on you.

I feel that I am coming from such a world. And I really miss it. I miss all those souls I have shared so much with before. Where there were never fights and break-ups. Only the concern to nourish the other one with all your love. Where we all remembered that the connections between us are forever and they go beyond space and time. That we can never exist one without the other one. That we are only parts, drops of the ocean of love. And we belong together.

I so miss my world.

There was a time when you didn’t have to take care who is entering your heart, cause everyone would have treated it like a sacred space. Everyone was welcomed and happily greeted with all the care and attention. And everyone would deeply cherish your affection and your feelings and not tread it like garbage.

I belong to such a world. How strong should my love and my heart be to created it here too? Can I really do it? And how many times do I need to have my heart broken and mend it back to succeed?

Tonight, in my sleep, I hope they will come for me and take me back home for a few hours. I will be strengthened in the morning.

Dear world, send someone in my way, who feels the same. We will do it together. We will start creating a world of ourselves. Exactly like the one we remember. And then we will enlarge it. We will bring more people in. Together, we can do anything.

Cause we belong together.


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